The Last Tenant

The Last Tenant by Sarah Kisielowski

Where does your blood come from? Do you really know?

Since Daniel arrived in Berlin his idea of family has disintegrated. They aren't the people he thought they were. They lied to him about everything.

To reach the truth he must see the city through the eyes of his estranged grandfather, Albrecht: a blind man who locked himself up for forty years in a derelict tenement building. But now Albrecht has disappeared and there is limited time left to find him.

This literary thriller explores family, love and loss in post-war West Berlin. In the middle of a freezing winter, before the bailiffs destroy everything, Daniel ransacks the remnants of his grandfather's life, desperate to find out if he's still living.

He wants family at any cost. This is the story of what he inherits.

Buy the bookRead the reviewsPublished 1 September 2016Paperback, 248 pagesISBN 9780995486706